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Volume 5, Number 5

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31 January 2000                                Vol. 5, No. 5


Apply Lessons - Center for Applied Academics | Math 2000 - McQuatty
                      The Sound of Chaos

         APPLY LESSONS - Center for Applied Academics

Education for the real world. Lesson plans and the careers 
to which they apply include:


 - All Fired Up (Firefighter)
 - Circuit Challenges (Electrical Engineer)
 - Daunting Peaks (Vulcanologist)
 - Fit by Design or Design to Fit (Mechanical Drafter Designer)
 - Formula for Success (Market Analyst)
 - Hearing is Believing (Audiologist)
 - In Dog Pounds (Animal Health Technologist)
 - Let it Fly! (Aerospace Engineer)
 - Life Saver Anyone? (Lifeguard)
 - Making Plans (Event Planner)
 - On a Roll (Roller Coaster Designer)
 - Paint by Numbers (House Painter)
 - Pixelmaniacs (Computer Game Designer)
 - Record Breaking News (Sportscaster)
 - Teeing Off (Golf Pro)
 - Tuning In (Piano Repair Technician)


 - Build It Up, Trim It Down (Sportscaster)
 - Cornering the Information Market (Market Analyst)
 - Helping Others Hear (Audiologist)
 - How does a Quark Wark? (Nuclear and Particle Physicist)
 - The Plan It! Planet (Event Planner)
 - The Shortest Distance Between Two Points (Mechanical 
    Drafter Designer)
 - Sink or Swim (Lifeguard)
 - Tee Time (Golf Club Pro)
 - Tell it like it is (Athlete)
 - Tune Up Your Listening and Speaking Skills (Piano Repair Technician)
 - Ups and Downs (Roller Coaster Designer)
 - Who Said That? (Immunologist)
 - Will it Fly? (Aerospace Engineer)
The site is published in partnership by the Center for 
Applied Academics, the Bridges Initiatives Inc., and the 
B.C. Ministry of Education (Canada).


                   MATH 2000 - Pat McQuatty


Ideas for elementary school activities that could be used to 
celebrate the number 2000 in the year 2000, from the math 
consultant for the Western Quebec School Board.

Some activities require upper elementary math skills but
could be adapted to other grade levels. Ideas range from
estimating the length of 2000 seconds, minutes, hours, etc.,
or finding how far you could go if you traveled 2000 km, 
to calculating the buying power of $2000, or listing the 
factors of 2000. Suggestions for art projects, story 
problems, and Internet investigations are also included.

Pat invites you to send her your ideas for activities that
highlight math and focus on the number 2000, and says she 
will link them to her page. She also notes that the 2000th 
hour of the year 2000 will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, 
March 23, a good time for some 2000 math activities. She
can be reached via e-mail at:

       THE SOUND OF CHAOS - Discovery Communications Inc.

"Those who hear fractal music for the first time find it hard 
to describe... otherworldly, bizarre, fantastic. It's part of 
a fractal universe - full of startling sights and sounds."
Contents include: 

 - The Music Makers - How do they do it and why?
 - Create Your Own Chaos
 - Fantastic Voyage - Enter a fractal image
 - Hear What You See
 - A Fractal World - See and hear fractal sights and sounds


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