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Volume 5, Number 51

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18 December 2000                              Vol. 5, No. 51

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Pages on a variety of advanced topics in mathematics:

   - Gradus Suavitatis: Euler's music theory
   - Turing: Input and output of a Turing machine
   - Billiard: Sinai billiard, a chaotic dynamical system
   - Abacus: World's first computing system
   - Flexible Surface: Explicit formulas for the motion of
       points on a nonconvex surface undergoing deformation
   - Caustics: Parameter dependence of caustic Legendre
   - L-System: Animations of building a tree and turning a
   - 4DCube: Movie shows the stereographic projection of a
       rotating 4-D cube onto a 3-D hyperplane
   - Percolation: Does the random network have a connection
       from the top to the bottom?
   - Factor: Can you factor the 402-digit number?
   - Fractal: Interactive Menger Sponge
   - Casino 1: Petersburg paradox
   - Casino 2: Blackjack game
   - Pi: Does pi behave like a random sequence?
   - Finitely Presented Groups 1 and 2: Puzzles similar to
       the Rubik's Cube
   - Torus: Winding a torus around a torus


                    MATH CATS - Wendy Petti


A site for children that promotes open-ended and playful
explorations of important math concepts.

 Start with the magic chalkboard, then enter Math Cats
 MicroWorlds (interactive projects); explore the worlds of
 polygons, polyhedra, large numbers, magic squares, lissajous
 curves, and more; view and submit artwork for the Math Cats
 art gallery; or enter the Math Cats' Attic (an archive of
 past questions and answers from the magic chalkboard).
 Children are invited to submit drawings, story problems,
 questions, or ideas.

 Older Cats (teachers, parents) will find an idea bank of
 math activities and resources suggested by teachers.
 Grown-ups may also subscribe to the Math Cats News, a free
 twice-monthly e-mail newsletter featuring Math Cats site
 updates, annotated listings of other math sites that promote
 creative explorations, suggestions for family math activities
 and classroom activities, and good ideas from other educators.



                 CLASS2CLASS - The Math Forum


Class2Class, a service created by Melanie Sprouse and hosted
by the Math Forum, connects distant math classrooms in
collaborations such as data-collecting experiments, taking
advantage of one of the powerful features of the Internet:
connecting people and information at a distance.


Help define the most popular tourist attraction in the U.S.,
based on attendance and license plate data collected by
students near popular tourist sites. Students involved in
the project will discuss how to set criteria for deciding
"What do we mean by most popular?" and will be helped to
develop the math tools needed to make decisions.


GREAT STATE MYSTERY - Natalie Macke and Patrice Enyart

Elementary students will use deductive reasoning skills to
locate the state of fellow project participants. The project
incorporates mathematics, geography, science, language arts, 
and social studies.


    You are invited to submit your idea for a math project:


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