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Volume 5, Number 52

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25 December 2000                              Vol. 5, No. 52


  All About Ratios - Lanius | Tessellated Polyhedra - Britton
                   Algebra Help - T2T FAQ

              ALL ABOUT RATIOS - Cynthia Lanius

Activities designed to help students understand the concept
of ratios, using computers with Internet access. Activities 
may also be printed out if computer access is      not available.

Students are expected to:

  - use multiplication and division of whole numbers to
    solve problems, including situations involving
    equivalent ratios and rates;

  - use ratios to describe proportional situations;

  - represent ratios and percents with concrete models,
    fractions, and decimals;

  - use ratios to make predictions in proportional 

All About Ratios forms part of Cynthia Lanius' math lessons,
which feature subjects as diverse as infinite series,
fractals, cartography, dueling pinwheels, a hot tub
(interpreting graphs), and more:



              TESSELLATED POLYHEDRA - Jill Britton

Build a durable model of each of the five regular polyhedra 
(Platonic solids) from a flattened pattern or net. A link
to a full-page printable net of each of the regular 
polyhedra, decorated with its own surface tessellation in 
full color, is provided.

A higher-resolution black-and-white version of each 
tessellated net will appear in _Polyhedra Pastimes_, by 
Jill Britton, to be published in March, 2001 by Dale Seymour. 
The book will be coordinated with Britton's "Polyhedra 
Pastimes," a page of annotated links to 30 activities
on polyhedra chosen from a variety of Web sites:

Topics include:

  - regular polygons and tessellations
  - regular polyhedra and constructions
  - regular polyhedra nets
  - Euler's formula
  - duality and symmetry
  - history and applications
  - pyramids and prisms
  - Golden Ratio
  - stellations of regular polyhedra
  - origami star building
  - tetrahedron kite
  - polyhedra bubbles
  - Archimedean solids
  - polyhedra of M. C. Escher
  - kaleidocycles
  - icosahedron globes
  - geodesics
  - buckyballs


                     New from the T2T FAQ
              Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

                         ALGEBRA HELP

From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
a frequently asked question: How do I help students learn

Suggestions include teaching techniques, archived T2T
conversations on the subject, resources from the archives of
Ask Dr. Math, books for reference, and links to relevant
Web sites.


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