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Volume 6, Number 1

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1 January 2001                                 Vol. 6, No. 1


 Calculator Resources - TI | Investing for Kids, StocksQuest
                 2001 Puzzle - Judy Ann Brown

           CALCULATOR RESOURCES - Texas Instruments


Starting points for educators, students, and parents provide
paths to many resources for incorporating TI calculators into
the classroom and helping children succeed, including:

  - classroom products
  - classroom activities
  - professional development
  - calculator research
  - contact information
  - storage solutions
  - a volume purchase program
  - newsletters
  - supplemental materials
  - discussion groups
  - a workshop loan program
  - information on where to buy products
  - an accessory store
  - free downloads
  - links to WWW resources

Teachers will find entry points for mathematics for 
Elementary, Middle Grades, High School, College/
University, and Teacher Preparation levels:


professional development training in handheld technology 
for educators at each level. Look for General Information, 
Course Outlines, and International and Regional Conferences:



            INVESTING FOR KIDS - Leung, Ngai, Mirza


This ThinkQuest 1998 site, designed by kids for kids, 
explores stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. to teach the 
principles of saving and investing to beginners and seasoned 
investors. Included are:

  - ThinkQuest Stock Game: learn to invest with this game
      for all ages, no experience required
  - Stock Game for Educators: an Internet exploration with
      a step-by-step demonstration on how to pick, buy, 
      monitor, and sell stocks, and how to calculate 
      financial goals
  - Stock Learning Center: all kinds of information,
      with kid-friendly investment ideas


              STOCKSQUEST - Connie, David, Joseph

For more, see StocksQuest, an educational, interactive 
site offering free global stock games, especially for 
educators and contest organizers. Integrated into a realistic
global stock market simulation are lesson plans, stock
guides, and online investing resources.



            2001 PUZZLE - Judy Ann Brown, Math Forum


For students in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of
mathematics. Use the digits in the year 2001 and the
operations +, -, x, /, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a
power), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols,
to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100.

Students may use the Web form to submit solutions starting 
January 1, 2001; solutions will begin to be posted after 
February 1, 2001.

Pages available for printing:


  Rules of the Game

  Manipulative Worksheet


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