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Volume 6, Number 13

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26 March 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 13


HandyGraph - Del Rey, Inc. | Math-learn Discussion Group - Boggs
              Math Awareness Month - April 2001

                  HANDYGRAPH - Del Rey, Inc.


  HandyGraph allows users to create custom graphs within
  Microsoft Word documents. Open a HandyGraph window within
  the word processing application, and specify the size and
  numerical range of each blank graph before inserting it
  into the document. Linear graphs, logarithmic graphs, and
  number lines can be produced with custom colors, axis labels,
  and more. Once created, graphs may be cut, pasted, resized,
  and moved in Microsoft Word or edited by HandyGraph.

  The HandyGraph Tutorial provides step-by-step use of this
  utility and its features:

  Download a free evaluation version of HandyGraph for Windows
  or Macintosh, or register for a fully functional licensed




    MATH-LEARN DISCUSSION GROUP - Rex Boggs, List Moderator


  The math-learn mailing list is for those interested in
  improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. This new,
  international list enjoys vigorous debate conducted in a
  professional and courteous manner; teachers from from outside
  the U.S. and Australia (who make up the bulk of the members)
  are welcome. See About this discussion for more information:


                MATH AWARENESS MONTH - April 2001


  This year, "Mathematics and the Ocean" is the theme of
  Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM). Mathematics Awareness
  Month provides the mathematical sciences community with
  opportunities for promoting the importance and versatility of
  mathematics, and its relationship to our daily lives.

  Resources include:

    Sample Press Release
    Planning for MAM 2001
    Theme Essay
    Theme Poster and Ordering Information
    Related Resources
    MAM in the Community Activities


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