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Volume 6, Number 15

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9 April 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 15


Interactive Workshops - Annenberg/CPB | Magic Square Puzzle - Kaufmann
              Searching for Information - T2T FAQ

         INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS - Annenberg/CPB Channel

  The Annenberg/CPB Channel is a satellite network delivering
  quality educational programming for schools, colleges, and
  communities. This summer, it is offering several free 

    - Learning Science Through Inquiry
    - The Private Universe Project in Science
    - The Private Universe Project in Mathematics
    - The Missing Link
    - The Science of Teaching Science
    - Principles for Principals
    - Looking at Learning .... Again, Part 1
    - Looking at Learning .... Again, Part 2
    - The Next Move: Steps Toward Change
    - Assessment in Math and Science: What's the Point?
    - In Search of the Novel
    - Shedding Light on Science

  The registration deadline is June 20, 2001.

  Two graduate credits from Colorado State University are 
  available to participants of any of the Interactive Workshops.


               MAGIC SQUARE PUZZLE - Dubi Kaufmann


  In this Shockwave activity, the goal is to arrange jigsaw 
  puzzle pieces numbered 0 through 15 on a four by four grid so 
  that the sum of each row and column is equal to 30.


  Suzanne Alejandre's pages on Magic Squares provide activities
  that can be used in the classroom. Additional information is
  provided by Allan Adler in the section "Where's the Math?" and
  by Neil Abrahams in the lesson "The Franklin Square."


               Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: How do I find information by
  searching on the Web?

  Suggestions include ideas to try, archived T2T conversations
  on the subject, links to search tips on the Forum site and
  other popular search engines, and links to relevant Web sites.


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