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Volume 6, Number 16

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16 April 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 16


 National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
     Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies | Web Feats Summer Workshop

                    Utah State University
           Cannon, Dorward, Heal, Edwards, Wellman


  These Java applets and other virtual manipulatives cover
  mathematics appropriate to grades K-12, with a special
  emphasis on K-8. Browse by grade band or by math topic:

    - number and operations
    - algebra
    - geometry
    - measurement
    - data analysis and probability

  Each activity is linked to the corresponding NCTM Standards
  it addresses.

  Forthcoming are investigative questions related to each
  activity; and a teacher information page for each activity,
  featuring lesson plans and tips on how to implement the
  applets in the classroom.


           MRS. GLOSSER'S MATH GOODIES - Gisele Glosser


  Math lessons that work online and offline in a Web browser,
  and provide immediate feedback to students. Each lesson
  includes examples and interactive exercises. These math
  lessons are shareware and may be used online; registered
  users may save them to their desktop computers.

  Volumes include:

    Introduction to Statistics: range, mean, median, and mode

    Topics in Pre-algebra: order of operations, order of
    operations with exponents and integers, writing algebraic
    expressions and equations

    Probability: certain and impossible events, sample spaces,
    the complement of an event, mutually exclusive events,
    addition rules, independent events, dependent events, and
    conditional probability

    Integers: absolute value, comparing and ordering integers,
    adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing

    Understanding Percent: meaning of percent, writing
    fractions as percents, writing decimals as percents,
    writing percents as decimals, writing percents as fractions,
    percents less than 1 and greater than 100

    Number Theory: factors, greatest common factor, multiples,
    least common multiples, prime and composite numbers,
    divisibility tests, and exponents and their patterns.

    Circumference & Area of Circles: circumference of a
    circle and area of a circle

    Perimeter & Area of Polygons:  perimeter of polygons, area
    of rectangles, area of parallelograms, area of triangles,
    area of trapezoids

  In addition, the site offers a math chat board, math
  puzzles, homework help, puzzles, worksheets, and interactive

  Some lessons are available in French:

    Theorie des nombres
    Circonference et aire des circles
    Perimetre et aire des polygones



                   FROM WEB-BASED MATERIALS

  The Post CALC Project at Duke University, the Eisenhower
  National Clearinghouse (ENC), and the Math Forum are jointly
  sponsoring a workshop for high school mathematics teachers
  interested in creating classroom materials from existing and
  new Web-based components during the week of July 9-13, 2001.

  The registration deadline is April 15, 2001; acceptances will
  be sent by May 1.


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