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Volume 6, Number 17

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23 April 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 17


Mount Everest Math Puzzles - Fleischer | - Cubic Science, Inc.
     Madras College Mathematics Department - St. Andrews, Scotland

          MOUNT EVEREST MATH PUZZLES - Paula Fleischer


  A site created and maintained by Paula Fleischer, the
  technology teacher at Peachland Avenue Elementary School in
  Newhall, California. By solving progressively more complex
  math word problems, students advance through higher and
  higher "camps" until they reach the summit of Mt. Everest.
  Each camp along the way shows photos of the mountain and

  The site also provides links to interdisciplinary
  information on Mt. Everest that are appropriate to
  elementary and middle school classes.


               GOMATH.COM - Cubic Science, Inc.


  An Internet site to help high school students (grades 10-12)
  of all levels with math skills.

  - Automated Search for Questions & Solutions: a database
      of questions and answers previously submitted is available
      through an automated search engine or by categories
  - Free on-line math help for K-12 within 24 hours: questions
      can be asked via e-mail or posted to a message board
  - Algebra Solution: pre-algebra and algebra mini-lessons and
  - Geometry Solution: Geometry Solutions is a sophisticated
      calculator that calculates the perimeter, lateral and
      surface areas, and volume of plane and solid geometric
  - Teacher and Parents Exchange: teachers, educators, and
      parents share their ideas and experiences, and exchange
      tools, knowledge and information
  - Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes: the purpose of the
      tutorials is to help students learn important concepts
      and techniques that are essential in solving problems
      that commonly appear on the mathematics section of the SAT
  - Special Event and Contest Winners
  - Auto-Graph: using the GoMath function plotter, up to two
      equations can be entered to generate graphs
  - Math Games: in the format of the "concentration" memory
      recall game, this JavaScript challenges students to
      match expressions that are equivalent




  A growing collection of activities and varied resources
  suitable for high school math students and teachers.

  - Links of the Week
  - Amazing Number Facts
  - Toothpick World (30 puzzles)
  - Dancing Spirolateral
  - Wordplay World
  - Loopy Numbers
  - Puzzle Worksheets
  - The Great 2000/2001 Challenge (using the digits of the
      year, construct 1,2,3,4... in bases 5-12)
  - Pi Mnemonics
  - A Weekly Mandelbrot Image

  The Home Learning site organizes and links to test preparation
  materials according to course, place in the course, and year
  (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 or S6), which covers an age range from
  12 through 17.


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