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Volume 6, Number 18

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30 April 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 18


         TeacherSource - PBS | New Zealand Mathematics
    The Sierpinski Carpet Project 2000-2001 - Tom Canright

                      TEACHERSOURCE - PBS


  The Public Broadcasting System's Math Service combines
  computing and telecommunications technologies to offer
  interactive data, video, and voice services for education
  based on the NCTM Standards.

  The site features a searchable video database organized
  by grade band:
  From this page, select the grade band or math category;
  and the video search results will provide:
    - video lesson clips with the option to jump ahead
    - lesson plans in text
    - match to Standards

   Other features include a planning calendar for events on
   TV and the Web:


                    NEW ZEALAND MATHEMATICS


  Units and lesson plans organized by level and curriculum strand,
  in Maori and English, focusing on solving problems. Topics
  address levels 1-6 of the New Zealand mathematics curriculum
  and include:

    - algebra
    - geometry
    - measurement
    - problem solving
    - statistics

  Related worksheets and messages to parents can be printed. Also
  includes overviews of the curriculum at different levels, a
  lesson plans contest, and an elementary introduction to Web


     THE SIERPINSKI CARPET PROJECT 2000-2001 - Tom Canright

  Instructions and pictures of The Sierpinski Carpet Project,
  from Tom Canright and Linda Gazzola's sixth grade
  mathematics classes at the Latin School of Chicago.

  All of the carpets are a type of fractal, meaning that the
  basic patterns are reiterated several times. Other features

    - Large images of the carpets
    - Box project
    - Read about the fractal with rotation
    - Photos of the projects in the making


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