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Volume 6, Number 19

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7 May 2001                                      Vol. 6, No. 19


  WisWeb - Freudenthal Institute | Problems of the Week, Volume 1
     Chameleon Graphing: Lines & Slope - Ursula Whitcher

               WISWEB - Freudenthal Institute


  The WisWeb Web site of the Freudenthal Institute, based in the 
  Netherlands, is designed in Dutch and English for use with 
  secondary education students of 12 years and older.

  Applets include:

    - Cards of Red & Green
    - Estimate!
    - Tables of Multiplication (also in Chinese)
    - Shoot Balls
    - The Flippo 24-game
    - The Broken Calculator
    - The Number Factory
    - Statistics Minitool I, II, and III
    - Walking the Tightrope

  The site offers downloads for Windows, DOS, and TI-83 
  programs described in Dutch, with descriptions in English 

  WisWeb also links to instructional materials, and to other 
  interesting Freudenthal Institute web sites, including several 
  mathematics olympiads.



  Drawn from the 1999-2000 school year, the Problems of the
  Week, Volume 1 book has a section for each of the six
  Problems of the Week: Elementary, Middle School, Algebra,
  Geometry, Trig/Calculus, and Discrete Math.

  Each section has:
    - a table of contents with annotations
    - twenty problems in print-ready format
    - an answer key with URLs pointing to the full archived
      answer on the Math Forum site.

  Packaged in a three-hole binder with introductory pages, the
  book is available for $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

  For more information or purchase, please refer to:



        CHAMELEON GRAPHING LINES & SLOPE - Ursula Whitcher


  A Web unit for middle school and early high school students,
  in which Joan the Chameleon introduces and explores lines and

  Sections include:

    - Introduction
    - Drawing a Line
    - Slope
    - Using Slope
    - Slope-Intercept Form
    - Glossary
    - Links
    - Notes to Adults

  The unit accompanies The Coordinate Plane, a unit for
  elementary and middle school students, in which Joan's little
  brother, Sam, helps students learn to find points on a number
  line and graph points in the coordinate plane.



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