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Volume 6, Number 20

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14 May 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 20


           Archimedes Laboratory - Sarcone & Waeber 
Math Applets on the Internet | Problems, Problems, Problems

  ARCHIMEDES LABORATORY - Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie J. Waeber


  Archimedes' Laboratory invents, creates and develops 
  hands-on thinking games which help teach mathematical
  applications. They also create and manufacture original 
  educational manipulatives and puzzles to support promotional 
  activities. The resources are available in English, French 
  and Italian.

  Sections include:
    - Puzzles to make
    - Puzzles to solve
    - Free puzzling E-cards
    - Puzzlemporium
    - Puzzle catalog
    - Optical illusions
    - Tessellations
    - Labyrinths & related peculiar puzzles
    - Math curiosities
    - World excentricities
    - Advertising puzzles
    - Guides/Courses
    - Shapes & colors



  The collection was compiled by Jim Reed and is hosted by the
  Alberta Online Consortium, an association that advocates and
  facilitates distance learning in the public school system of
  Alberta, Canada.

  The 33 links to Java applets are organized under the
  NCTM strands: Number, Shape and Space, Patterns and Relations, 
  Statistics and Probability.  They cover grades K through 
  12, with an emphasis on elementary through high school grades.

  All these applets provide interactive environments or
  activities in which to learn certain math concepts. Applets 
  range from the usual "Algebra Tiles" to the original 
  "Five in a Row."



  A Problem of the Week contest, with archive of
  current-events-based math problems. Also included are 
  warm-ups and workouts, problem-solving strategies, extended
  activities, tips for developing algebraic reasoning skills, 
  a contest for submission of creative math problems, and 
  the math challenge "Go Figure!"

  The Problem Solving Strategies section features detailed
  examples of the following techniques:

    - Compute or Simplify
    - Use a Formula 
    - Make a Model or Diagram
    - Make a Table, Chart or List
    - Guess, Check and Revise 
    - Consider a Simpler Case
    - Eliminate 
    - Look for Patterns


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