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Volume 6, Number 21

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21 May 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 21


           Grades 6-8 i-Math Investigations - NCTM 
Oregon Curriculum Network - Urner | Linear Algebra Toolkit - Bogacki

                       THE FACTOR GAME
             Grades 6-8 i-Math Investigations - NCTM

  To play the Factor Game, one person selects a number on the board
  and colors it red. The second person identifies all the uncolored
  proper factors of the first person's number, and colors them blue.
  The roles are switched and the play continues until there are no
  numbers remaining with uncolored factors. Each person adds up the
  numbers they have colored. The winner is the person with the
  largest total. Players then walk through an analysis of game
  strategies and an introduction to the definitions of prime and
  composite numbers.

  "The Factor Game" is one of four i-Math Investigations 
  currently available for Grades 6-8. They are ready-to-use, 
  online, interactive multimedia math investigations, each 

    - student investigations
    - teacher notes
    - answers
    - related professional development activities

  The other three titles for Grades 6-8 include:

    - Analyzing Numeric and Geometric Patterns of Paper Pool

    - Simulating Probability Situations Using Box Models

    - Exploring Histograms

  A fifth i-Math Investigation, Gathering Evidence About 
  Students' Understanding of Volume, is forthcoming.

  Each of these activities has a student version that can also
  be downloaded to use offline.




  Kirby Urner provides background reading and curriculum 
  outlines on a variety of mathematical topics, as well as 
  information about his philosophy and methods.

  Sections include:

    - My Philosophy of Education
    - Some Autobiography 
    - Symbols and Operations
        Computer Languages
    - Spatial Concepts 
        Static Networks
          Euler's Law
          Descartes' Angular Deficit
          Taxonomies of Polyhedra
          Concentric Hierarchy
        Rotating Networks
          Symmetry Families
        Macro & Micro Architecture
    - Topics for Exploration 
        The Calculus
        Spatial Investigations
        Dynamical Systems
    - Trends in Early Math Education
    - An Overview of My Approach


           LINEAR ALGEBRA TOOLKIT - Przemyslaw Bogacki

  A Web "toolkit" for learning and practicing basic linear 
  algebra procedures, such as Gauss-Jordan reduction, 
  calculating the determinant, or checking for linear 

  Modules include:

    - Systems of linear equations and matrices
        Row operation calculator
        Transforming a matrix to row echelon form
        Transforming a matrix to reduced row echelon form
        Solving a linear system of equations
        Calculating the inverse using row operations
    - Determinants
        Calculating the determinant using row operations
    - Vector spaces
        Linear independence and dependence
        Determining if the set spans the space
        Finding a basis of the space spanned by the set
        Finding a basis of the null space of a matrix


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