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Volume 6, Number 23

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4 June 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 23


  Word Problems for Kids | College Algebra Resources - S. Kifowit
                  Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page

       WORD PROBLEMS FOR KIDS - St. Francis Xavier University

   Word problems by level for students in grades 5-12, which can
   help improve problem-solving skills. A hints link and an
   answer link are available for each problem. Students,
   principals, and professors associated with St. Francis Xavier
   University in Canada developed this site; some problems have
   been adapted from Canadian Mathematics Competitions.


             COLLEGE ALGEBRA RESOURCES - Steve Kifowit
                       Prairie State College

  Steve Kifowit, an assistant professor of mathematics at 
  Prairie State College, Illinois, has provided his college
  algebra students with a variety of online resources.

  Included are:

    - Review Problems 
      A review of all of the main concepts of college algebra. 
      The set of review problems may also be downloaded as an 
      Adobe PDF file. 

    - Glossary
      Definitions that are essential for understanding the
      concepts are presented interactively with diagrams. 

    - Practice Problems
      Interactive problems to test knowledge.

    - Extra Credit Problems
    - Links
    - Reference Sheets
    - JavaScripts: Quadratic Formula, Evaluate Logarithms,
      Generate Primes

  Other pages by Steve Kifowit include:

    - Manipulatives for Mathematics for Elementary Teaching

    - Math for Elementary Teaching I Projects

    - Math for Elementary Teaching II Projects

    - Calculus I Projects

    - Calculus II Projects




  Although simple, this collection of four logic puzzles 
  provides a challenge for students of any age. The interactive
  puzzles are:

      - The Fox, the Duck, and the Bag of Corn 
      - The Three Gallon and Five Gallon Cans 
      - The Twenty Three Matches Game 
      - The Game of "Chomp" 


  For additional ideas about accompanying "The Three Gallon 
  and Five Gallon Cans" puzzle, please visit the Math Forum's 
  "The Hispaniola Water Shortage" Teacher Support page from 
  the ESCOT Problems:



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