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Volume 6, Number 24

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11 June 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 24


    I-MATH - C. Sanders | Open Problems - Jeff Erickson
           Escher Web Sketch - Hardaker and Chapuis

                 I-MATH - Cathleen V. Sanders

  I-MATH is an online professional development course for 
  teachers that was offered during the 2000 - 2001 school year. 
  The goal of the course, which may be offered again next year, 
  is to assist teachers in integrating technology and the 
  NCTM Standards into their teaching. I-MATH was created by 
  Cathi Sanders, of the Punahou School, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  Teachers' Projects with samples of student work:

    - Dina Vento
      6th grade Math

    - Mushtaq Syed Ikramullah
      Special Education Mathematics Grades 9-12

    - Kerry Kawamura 
      Technical Math

    - Lori Nakashima
      High School Math

    - Michael Jaros 
      Calculus and Plane Geometry

    - Melissa Speetjens
      Middle School Math


                 OPEN PROBLEMS - Jeff Erickson

  Open problems, mostly in geometry, including folding, 
  combinatorial and algorithmic problems.

  Contents include: 

   - Existence Problems: Does Object X exist?
   - Combinatorial Problems: How complex is Object X?
   - Algorithmic Problems: How fast can Problem X be solved?
   - Other People's Problems
   - Recommended Books


     ESCHER WEB SKETCH - Wes Hardaker and Gervais Chapuis


  The Escher Web Sketch Java applet allows you to draw 
  repeating patterns. Beyond documentation on how to use the 
  applet, the site features a pattern archive, the author's 
  favorite patterns, a link to download Escher Web Sketch, the 
  program's source code, and crystallographically interesting 
  aspects illustrated by the software.

  Archive of saved images from the Escher Web Sketch applet

  Author's Favorites


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