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Volume 6, Number 27

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2 July 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 27


      Easier Fibonacci Puzzles - Knott |
               ALEKS - Math Educational System 

              EASIER FIBONACCI PUZZLES - Ron Knott

  Puzzles on this page have fairly straight-forward and simple 
  explanations as to why their solutions involve the Fibonacci 
  numbers. Puzzles on the next page are harder to explain but 
  they still draw on the Fibonacci numbers for their solutions. 

  - Brick Wall Patterns
  - Making a Bee-line with Fibonacci Numbers 
  - Chairs in a Row: 1 
  - Chairs in a Row: 2 
  - Stepping Stones 
  - Fibonacci Numbers for a Change! 
  - No One! 
  - Telephone Trees 
  - Leonardo's Leaps 
  - Fix or Flip 
  - Two Heads are Better than One? 
  - Leonardo's Lane 
  - Boat Building  
  - Pause for a Little Reflection 
  - A Puzzle about Puzzles! 


              HARDER FIBONACCI PUZZLES - Ron Knott




  An on-line resource for instructors and student users of the
  Lial/Hornsby/Miller Paperback Series. Teachers can find 
  materials to enhance their courses. Students can 
  strengthen their understanding through interactive tutorials 
  and study aids, or explore concepts through real-world 
  applications and Web links for further research.

  To access the InterAct tutorials over the Web, download the 
  InterAct plug-in, for Windows only.

  Topics cover:

    - Basic College Mathematics
    - Introductory Algebra
    - Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and Graphing
    - Introductory and Intermediate Algebra
    - Prealgebra
    - Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra
    - Spanish glossary of English-to-Spanish translations


                         ALEKS CORPORATION


  ALEKS, an all-Java, Web-based, one-on-one math tutor on the 
  Internet, was developed at the University of California and
  is now a commercial product. The cost is $17.95 per month 
  for each student account.

  Currently, ALEKS is available for Arithmetic, Algebra I 
  (Beginning Algebra), and Algebra II (Intermediate Algebra). 
  Geometry and Pre-Calculus (Analytic Geometry) are now in 

  A free 48 hour trial is available at three levels:

    - Grades 3 - 8
    - Grades 9 - 12
    - Adult

  Take a quick tour here:



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