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Volume 6, Number 30

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23 July 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 30


         The NASA "Why?" Files | Karl's Calculus Tutor
     Nonstandard Analysis and the Hyperreals - Dr. Math FAQ

                    THE NASA "WHY?" FILES

  The NASA "Why?" Files Series is a standards-based,
  technology focused, closed-captioned, distance learning
  initiative designed to integrate and enhance the teaching of
  mathematics, science, and technology in grades 3-5. The
  2000-2001 series titles were:
    - The Case of the Unknown Stink
    - The Case of the Barking Dogs
    - The Case of the Electrical Mystery
    - The Case of the Challenging Flight

  Each NASA "Why?" Files program includes three components:
  a 60-minute video, a teacher-parent lesson guide, and
  web-based activities and materials. The integrated video,
  teacher-parent lesson guide, and web site complement one
  another and connect the classroom, the home, the community,
  and the world.

  Re-broadcasts of the series can be found on the NASA TV
  education schedule:


                     KARL'S CALCULUS TUTOR


  A first year calculus tutorial written by Karl Hahn is
  provided with a number of pages to support students

    - Math Notation over the Web
    - Why Bother to Learn Calculus
    - Stuff You Should Already Know
    - Study Tips
    - Number Systems and Their Properties
    - Limits
    - Continuity
    - Derivatives
    - Applications of Derivatives
    - Exponentials and Logarithms
    - Trig Functions
    - More Tricks with Derivatives
    - Integrals
    - Methods of Integration

  To search for a specific concept, try this page:

  A review of algebra is included under Stuff You Should
  Already Know:



                  New from the Dr. Math FAQ

                   Jordi Gutierrez Hermoso

  An introduction to the most basic ideas of nonstandard
  analysis and the hyperreal number system, written in answer
  to a number of questions sent to Ask Dr. Math.

  Contents include:
    - A Very Brief History of Almost-Nothing and
    - The Hyperreal Wish-List
    - Construction of the Hyperreal Numbers
    - Hyperreal Arithmetic
    - Functions and Extensions
    - The *-Transform and the Transfer Principle
    - From Here On
    - Note on Symbols


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