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Volume 6, Number 31

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30 July 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 31


       IMO 2001 - Wolfram Research | MegaPenny Project
                    Fraction Help - T2T FAQ

                          Wolfram Research


  The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2001 
  competition was held July 1-14, 2001, in Washington, DC. 
  Over 80 countries participated this year, each sending up 
  to six students under the age of 20 who have had no 
  postsecondary-school education.

  This site records scores and supplies competitor information, 
  and includes a photo gallery and a summary of IMO Facts. 
  The 2001 competition problems are available on the Web at:


  The file may be downloaded in Mathematica notebook and PDF 
  formats. There is also a link to an archive of problems and 
  solutions beginning with the first IMO Olympiad in 1959, by 
  John Scholes:



               MEGAPENNY PROJECT - Kokogiak Media


  What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like? Find 
  out at the MegaPenny Project site, in pages listing data on 
  one to one quintillion pennies. All the pages have tables at 
  the bottom, and include:

    - the value of the pennies
    - the size of the pile
    - the weight of the pennies
    - the area of the pennies if laid flat

  All weights and measurements are U.S. standards, not metric. 
  Don't miss the special section, MegaMoo! 



                        FRACTION HELP
                     New from the T2T FAQ
                Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: How do I help students learn 
  about fractions?

  Suggestions include techniques to use to help students,
  archived T2T conversations on the subject, resources from
  the archives of Ask Dr. Math, literature connections, and 
  links to relevant Web sites.

  Browse or search the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics 
  Library, which provides many annotated pages describing
  sites on fractions:


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