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Volume 6, Number 33

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13 August 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 33


  Within the next week, upgrades and maintenance will require 
  suspension of Math Forum services for a day or two. Thank you 
  for your patience.

     Complex Numbers & Trig - Alan Selby | NASA CONNECT
                   Dare to Fly with Class

             COMPLEX NUMBERS & TRIG -  Alan Selby


  In an expansion of "Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics 
  and Reason," Alan Selby has added new sections on Complex 
  Numbers and the Distributive Law for Complex Numbers. They 
  offer a short way to reach and explain: 

    - trigonometry
    - the Pythagorean theorem
    - trig formulas for dot- and cross-products
    - the cosine law
    - a converse to the Pythagorean Theorem



                        NASA CONNECT


  NASA CONNECT is an annual series of free integrated 
  mathematics, science, and technology instructional distance 
  learning programs for students in grades 5-8. Each program has 
  three components: 

    - a 30-minute television broadcast, which can be viewed 
      live or taped for later use
    - an interactive web activity which provides educators an 
      opportunity to use technology in the classroom setting
    - a lesson guide describing a hands-on activity

  These three components -- television broadcast, web activity, 
  and lesson guide -- are designed as an integrated instructional 

  Registered educators will receive, via e-mail, the date of 
  upcoming shows, a show summary, and a PDF version of the 
  lesson guide.

  NASA CONNECT seeks to establish a "connection" between the 
  mathematics, science, and technology concepts taught in the 
  classroom and the mathematics, science, and technology used 
  every day by NASA researchers. By demonstrating the processes 
  of creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, 
  NASA CONNECT enhances and enriches mathematics, science, and 
  technology education.


                     DARE TO FLY WITH CLASS
               New Brunswick Public School District 


  A collaborative project designed to give students in 
  grades 3-5 an opportunity to: 

    - display their aerodynamic and creative talents
    - use patterns to create two different styles of paper 
    - determine which type of paper airplane will fly the 
        greatest distance and stay aloft the longest time

  Registration ends February 1, 2002 with results due no later 
  than February 28.

  There are 4 forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust, and 
  weight (gravity). Teacher pages with information on some
  introductory hands-on activities are available:


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