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Volume 6, Number 34

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20 August 2001                                       Vol. 6, No. 34


     Regular Tessellations - S. Alejandre | ODE Resources
                     Place Value - T2T FAQ

            REGULAR TESSELLATIONS - Suzanne Alejandre
                   Math Forum Companion Lesson
             for's Tessellation Tool

  Suzanne Alejandre at the Math Forum has developed a middle 
  school lesson utilizing Boxer's Tessellation Tool Java 
  applet to help students understand why equilateral 
  triangles, squares, and regular hexagons tessellate 
  regularly in the Euclidean plane. In addition to alignment 
  to NCTM Standards and a step-by-step guide, the Teacher 
  Lesson Plan links to Math Forum resources such as:

    - Information and Lessons
    - Problems of the Week
    - Teacher2Teacher
    - Ask Dr. Math

  The Student Page is here: offers on-line curricula for Pre-algebra, 
  Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. All courses 
  include practice problems, tests, lesson plans and enrichment 
  activities. also correlates course lessons with 
  state and national mathematics standards. A free trial is 




  ODE Resources collected by the Park City Mathematics 
  Institute's Undergraduate Faculty Program participants. The
  sites are organized into the following categories:

    - Animations
    - Bifurcations
    - Circuits
    - Classroom Demos
    - Data Sets
    - Explorations, Labs, Modules
    - General Resources
    - IDE (Interactive Differential Equations software)
    - Java Applets
    - Linear Algebra Supplements
    - Maple
    - Mathematica
    - Matlab
    - Pedagogy
    - Pendulum
    - Project
    - Short Problems
    - Solvers
    - Springs
    - Tutorials


  Read more about the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute 
  Undergraduate Faculty Program here:



                         PLACE VALUE
                     New from the T2T FAQ
                Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: How do I provide my students 
  with practice on their place value skills?

  Suggestions include techniques to use to help students,
  archived T2T conversations on the subject, resources from
  the archives of Ask Dr. Math, literature connections, and 
  links to relevant Web sites.


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