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Volume 6, Number 36A

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4 September 2001                                Vol. 6, No. 36A

                      SPECIAL EDITION OF 

  Dear Math Forum Newsletter subscriber:

  The Math Forum, the nation's leading Web site for math and 
  math education, has been acquired by Drexel University and 
  is now known as The Math Forum@Drexel. The new address 
  of the site is: 


  Pointers from the previous addresses will seamlessly 
  redirect you to the new location.

  Under the direction of Dr. Harvill Eaton, Drexel 
  University's senior vice president for research and 
  graduate studies, the University will maintain the Math 
  Forum@Drexel site as the nation's premier mathematics 
  resource. The site will continue to offer Math Forum@Drexel 
  users all previous services, and will introduce new 
  features and communities to ensure the site remains 
  on the cutting edge.

  Drexel brings many strengths to the Math Forum: expertise 
  in mathematics, information science and technology, and 
  education, as well as a multidisciplinary team of faculty 
  members and graduate students to serve as volunteers and 
  content providers. 


  Drexel is Philadelphia's technological university and in 
  1983 was the first in the nation to require all students 
  to have a personal computer. In 2000, Drexel became the 
  first major university to operate a fully wireless 

  To keep you updated on developments, I invite you to visit:


  Thank you for your support of the Math Forum. Drexel looks 
  forward to continuing to provide you with the latest 
  mathematics information and technology. If you have any 
  questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

  Constantine Papadakis
  Drexel University


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