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Volume 6, Number 37

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10 September 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 37


      The Math Forum @ Drexel | Toyota TIME - NCTM
  Number Patterns Fun with Curves & Topology - J. Britton

                   The Math Forum @ Drexel


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  have caught your eye. Although other addresses will continue 
  to function for the time being, please update your bookmarks 
  to the "" addresses now.

  If you have a site that links to the Math Forum, we would
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                     TOYOTA TIME - NCTM


  Toyota's Investment In Mathematics Excellence (TIME) invites 
  teachers to apply for grants awarding them up to $10,000 for 
  innovative projects that enhance mathematics education within 
  their schools.

  It is sponsored by Toyota Motor Sales, USA., Inc. through its 
  partnership with the National Council of Teachers of 
  Mathematics and its Mathematics Education Trust.

  Any K-12 classroom teacher with three years experience 
  teaching mathematics within the United States, District of 
  Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U. S. Territories may apply. 
  The deadline for the application is 9 January, 2002.

  Other NCTM MET Awards, Grants, and Scholarships are also 

    - Clarence Olander Grants 
        for In-Service Training for Elementary Schools
    - Ernest Duncan Grants 
        for Grades Pre-K-6 Teachers
    - John and Stacey Wahl Grants 
        for Grades Pre-K-8 Teachers
    - E. Glenadine Gibb Grants 
        for Implementing the NCTM Standards
    - Dale Seymour Scholarships 
        for Grades Pre-K-12 Teachers
    - Edward G. Begle Grant 
        for Classroom-Based Research
    - Future Leaders Annual Meeting Support 
        (FLAMeS) Project Awards




  Selected web pages for educators, each leading to 
  recreation-orientated learning experiences for middle school 

  Topics include:
    - Prime Numbers / Magic Squares
    - Clock or Modular Arithmetic
    - The Golden Ratio
    - Fibonacci Numbers
    - Binary Numbers / Pascal's Triangle
    - Patterns in Pascal's Triangle
    - The Conics
    - Moiré Patterns
    - Line Designs & Curve Stitching
    - Curves of Constant Width
    - Cycloids / Spirograph / Famous Curves
    - Fractals
    - Topology / Anamorphic Art
    - Mazes / Networks / Map Coloring
    - Math-e-Magic / Mobius Strip
    - Flexagons
    - Optical Illusions
    - Miscellaneous Diversions


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