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Volume 6, Number 38

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17 September 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 38


 Mathematician's Birthday Calendar - J. Brown | AWM Essay Contest
The Lial/Hornsby Algebra Series Web Site - Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.
              First Day of School - New T2T FAQ


  A Yahoo discussion group for school people to discuss the 
  events of September 11, 2001. Teachers, parents, students,
  administrators, school board members, etc. are invited to 



  Celebrate mathematics through the months by remembering the 
  birthdays of your favorite mathematicians. Includes a lesson 
  idea in which students are asked to design a birthday card, 
  write a report, identify pictures, and create a bulletin 
  board of mathematicians on the calendar. 


                   AWM ESSAY CONTEST
    Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics
              Deadline: November 1, 2001

  To increase awareness of women's ongoing contributions to 
  the mathematical sciences, the Association for Women in 
  Mathematics (AWM) is sponsoring an essay contest: 
  "Biographies of Contemporary Women Mathematicians." The 
  essays will be based primarily on an interview with a woman 
  currently working in a mathematical sciences career, whether 
  academic, industrial, or governmental. 

  This contest is open to students in the following categories: 
  Middle School, High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate. At 
  least one winning submission will be chosen from each 
  category. Winners will receive a prize, and their essays will 
  be published online at the AWM web site. Additionally, a 
  grand prize winner will have his or her submission published 
  in the AWM Newsletter.


                 Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.


  A site supporting the Lial/Hornsby Algebra series with 
  additional practice, quizzes, tutorials, exercises, and 
  information about the textbook supplements. For every chapter 
  of each textbook, the site provides a glossary; InterAct 
  plug-in tutorial exercises; and a "featured guest" essay 
  discussing the math background and job of a professional 
  working in industry, and how that person uses math at work. 

  Textbooks include:

    - Beginning Algebra
    - Intermediate Algebra
    - Intermediate Algebra, Alternate Version
    - Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
    - Algebra for College Students


                     FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
                    New from the T2T FAQ
              Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: What do you do on the first day 
  of school? 

  Suggestions include techniques to use to help students,
  archived T2T conversations on the subject, resources from
  the archives of Ask Dr. Math, literature connections,
  books for reference, and links to relevant Web sites.


           THE QUIET GAME - Suzanne Alejandre

  An activity to use at the beginning of the school year to 
  introduce cooperation in the mathematics classroom.


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