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Volume 6, Number 39

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24 September 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 39


     Summit On Math Education | Forum Geometricorum - P. Yiu
The Shape of the Universe | George Washington: Surveyor and Mapmaker 

                  SUMMIT ON MATH EDUCATION
   The Association of American Publishers School Division

  The Math Summit, to be held October 3, 2001 at the Mayflower 
  Hotel in Washington, DC, will bring together leading math 
  educators, government experts, publishers, and curriculum 
  specialists to discuss how to improve math education in our 
  nations' schools. 


            FORUM GEOMETRICORUM - Paul Yiu, Editor
             Department of Mathematical Sciences
                Florida Atlantic University


  A journal on classical Euclidean geometry and related areas. 
  Its goal is to raise awareness of the beauty, elegance, and 
  usefulness of elementary geometry in research and in 
  teaching. The journal focuses on concrete but challenging 
  problems; papers, in English only and downloadable in 
  postscript and PDF formats, discuss the interesting history 
  of the subject.


                Colin Adams and Joey Shapiro

  An abstract of an article featured in the September-October,
  2001 issue of the American Scientist discussing recent 
  experimental evidence suggesting that the shape of the 
  universe may be found among the ten orientable Euclidean 

  Download the file, foldupcube_print.pdf, and construct a 
  model of a 3-Torus:


           EXPLORING THE SHAPE OF SPACE - Jeff Weeks

  "Exploring the Shape of Space" introduces students to 1-, 
  2- and 3-dimensional geometry by exploring some possible 
  shapes for our 3-dimensional universe. The students learn 
  by example, using paper-and-scissors activities, 
  pencil-and-paper games, computer games, and the 
  computer-animated video "The Shape of Space" to explore a 
  few of the simplest possible universes. Throughout the unit, 
  geometry interweaves with cosmology, including current 
  research efforts to determine the shape of the real universe.


                    Library of Congress

  An essay on George Washington's lifelong association with 
  geography and cartography, "Tracing the Maps in George 
  Washington's Life" contains:
    Washington as Public Land Surveyor 
      - Boyhood and Beginnings
      - The Fairfax Connection
      - Culpeper, the Frontier, and Alexandria 
      - The French and Indian War

   Washington as Land Speculator
      - Building a Gentleman's Estate
      - Western Lands and the Bounty of War
      - Cartography and Leadership in Revolutionary Times

  The work includes links to images of the former president's 
  diaries, surveys, and his handwritten exercise books 
  (c.1745), which feature lessons in geometry (School Copy 
  Book: Volumes 1 and 2) and several practice land surveys 
  Washington prepared at the age of sixteen, a decade before 
  the Revolutionary War.


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