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Volume 6, Number 4

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22 January 2001                                Vol. 6, No. 4


     Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns - H. Heinz
    Navigation Vectors - CIESE | 100th Day/Pi Day - T2T FAQs



Examples from the author's collection of numbers and the
patterns that can be made from them.

  - Introduction: A brief introduction to number patterns
    and these pages.

  - Magic Squares: Samples of a large variety of magic
    squares of different orders, as well as prime magic
    squares, anti-magic squares, and other unusual magic

  - Magic Stars: Includes a new definition for magic stars,
    examples of all orders from 5 to 12, a total of 20
    different patterns, and interesting comparisons between
    the different orders.

  - Bibliography: More than 140 books, chapters of books or
    papers dealing with magic squares, and much more.

  - Glossary: Terms related to magic squares, cubes,
    tesseracts, stars, and other number patterns.

  - Other Number Patterns: Number patterns, interesting
    numbers, magic graphs, and more.

  - Similar web sites: Links to other Magic Square, Magic
    Star and recreational mathematics web sites.


        NAVIGATION VECTORS - CIESE Online Classroom Project

Intended to help students in grades 9 through 12 learn the
principles of aviation navigation using real-time data.
The project consists of six pilot training lessons and the
Pilot Test Flight in which they solve an authentic real world
problem using science and mathematics. In the lessons
students learn how to use vectors, read real-time
weather maps, and track planes actually flying in the United
States skies.

The Teacher Area contains a teacher's guide for each lesson,
including printable student worksheets, a list of curriculum
standards that are satisfied by the project, and hands-on
activities. The site lists numerous links related to aviation
and physics as well as online experts who can be contacted
with questions on these subjects.

The project is developed and managed by the Center for
Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at
Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.



                     New from the T2T FAQ
              Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, pages
developed to use with two popular celebrations of
mathematics, including the 100th Day of School and Pi Day:

                      100th DAY OF SCHOOL

Suggestions include archived T2T conversations on the subject,
literature connections, and links to relevant Web sites.

                          PI DAY

Suggestions include archived T2T conversations on the subject,
Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math resources, literature
connections, and links to relevant Web sites.


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