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Volume 6, Number 40

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1 October 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 40


            Centre for Educational Technology (CET)
Quantitative Environmental Learning Project (QELP) | Metric Week 

                   THE MATH FORUM @ DREXEL 

  Monday, 1 October through Wednesday, 3 October, we will 
  upgrade our hardware. During this transition, we will 
  temporarily disable searching, posting, and submitting on 
  the site, but will continue to serve Math Forum Web pages 
  for your viewing. Thank you for your patience as we make 
  these improvements to our site.  




  Read descriptions of CET's programs and workbooks, including 
  One, Two and Three (Aahat, Shtayim, Ve Shalosh), for grades 
  K-6; and Visualizing Mathematics, for grades 7-12. 

  Learn about and download demos of software packages ranging from 
  guided instruction and drill and practice to games and 
  Microworlds such as Calculus Unlimited, the Function 
  Sketcher, the Geometric Supposer, and Schemes for Problem 
  Analysis (S.P.A.), some of which are available in Hebrew.


                 Greg Langkamp and Joe Hull


  Supported by the National Science Foundation, QELP provides 
  resources to integrate mathematics and environmental science 
  in college classrooms. 

  Math data sets include:
      - Linear Scatterplots
      - Exponential Scatterplots
      - Logistic Scatterplots
      - Power Scatterplots
      - Periodic (Cyclical) Scatterplots
      - Other Bivariate Scatterplots
      - Histograms
      - Other Univariate Data

  Each data set is annotated with background science and 
  mathematics information, and may be downloaded in one of four 
  common formats (RichText, Excel, Text, Minitab), or exported 
  to WebStat.


                        METRIC WEEK
                    New from the T2T FAQ
              Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: What are some activities I can 
  use for Metric Week?

  Suggestions include techniques to use to help students,
  archived T2T conversations on the subject, resources from
  the archives of Ask Dr. Math, books for reference, and links 
  to relevant Web sites.

  This year, the United States will celebrate National Metric 
  Week during October 7-13.


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