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Volume 6, Number 42

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15 October 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 42


The Mathematical Explorer - Stan Wagon and Wolfram Research, Inc.
     Rubistar | Mathematics and the Census - New T2T FAQ 

            Stan Wagon and Wolfram Research, Inc. 

  Based on Mathematica technology, The Mathematical Explorer 
  mixes text, graphics, and formulas in an easy-to-use notebook 
  interface, offering a set of explorations for investigating 
  some of the most fascinating topics in mathematics, from 
  Escher patterns and square wheels to Fermat's Last Theorem 
  and the Riemann Hypothesis. 

  This electronic textbook also serves as a guide, calculator, 
  and museum. The Mathematical Explorer web site links to 
  in-depth explorations on these topics:
    - prime numbers
    - calculus
    - pi
    - check digits
    - secret codes
    - turtle fractalization
    - patterns in chaos
    - unusual number systems
    - the four-color theorem

  Experiment with some of these Mathematical Explorer 
  subjects online:


  Stan Wagon runs the Macalester College Problem of the Week 
  hosted by the Math Forum @ Drexel.





  This online tool by the High Plains Regional Technology in 
  Education Consortium helps teachers develop rubrics for Oral 
  Projects, Multimedia, Research & Writing, or Work Skills.

  Create rubrics (scoring tools) for Oral Projects, Multimedia, 
  Research & Writing, or Work Skills quickly and easily. 
  Math specific scoring tools currently include graphing and 

  The Rubistar tool provides features for reviewing, editing, 
  and customizing rubrics, and assigns each a unique web 
  address so that parents and students can view or print the 
  rubrics at their convenience.


                 MATH IN THE REAL WORLD - T2T FAQ


  Classroom resources for studying and explaining the
  mathematics involved in the election process. 

  Resources include:

    - Lesson Plans
    - Web Resources
    - Dr. Math Archives
    - Problems of the Week
    - Books


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