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Volume 6, Number 45

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5 November 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 45


       Director of the Math Forum @ Drexel - Stephen Weimar
Math Puzzles - Math Is Power - NACME | - Kelley



  Steve Weimar has been named director of the Math 
  Forum @ Drexel. Steve is looking to enhance the interactive 
  services for which the Math Forum is widely known, and help 
  the Math Forum play a leading role in the evolution of 
  online education.

  Steve brings to Drexel a history with the Math Forum, starting
  in 1994 with the Geometry Forum and later as a principal
  investigator and project director for the Math Forum. Most 
  recently, he served as Vice President of the Learning 
  Partnerships Group at WebCT, the company that purchased 
  the site from Swarthmore College in 2000. At WebCT, he 
  oversaw the development of faculty education and technical 
  consulting services, as well as the growth of online 
  academic communities.

  Steve is committed to cultivating the unique advantages of 
  the Internet for learning, supporting informal and self-directed 
  learning, along with the bridging of K12, higher education, 
  and professional communities.




  The Math Puzzles section of the Math is Power site features
  six Shockwave games including:

    - CodeBreaker
        This game requires using trial and error to deduce the
        correct string of colored circles, given feedback on
        position and quantity.
    - Space Tag
        Two players take turns moving on a grid, one of them
        attempting to occupy the other's grid position in five
        moves or fewer.
    - Change the Lightbulb
        This game draws on the Four Color Map Theorem.
    - Magic Square
        Arrange the digits zero through eight so that the sum
        of the rows, columns, and diagonals are the same.
    - Imposters
        Presents fractions, decimals, and percentages, one of
        which has a value different from all the other
    - Make the Change
        Provides practice in adding and subtracting dollars and


             CALCULUS-HELP.COM - Mike Kelley


  A teacher-made site devoted to the subject of calculus.
  Features include:

    - Kelley's Problem of the Week
        One Calculus AB problem and one Calculus BC problem
        every week.
        Complete answers to the previous week's problems are
        posted at the same time in the old problem archive.

    - Interactive Cheat Sheets
         Topics include: derivatives, differential equations,
         integrals, limits, and series.

    - Links provided to a variety of useful calculus sites on
      the Web.


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