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Volume 6, Number 47

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19 November 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 47


       The Oughtred Society | The Slide Rule Universe
  | Puzzle Playground | ICTM2

                      THE OUGHTRED SOCIETY


  The Oughtred Society was founded in 1991 by a group of
  like-minded slide rule collectors. The original intent of
  the Society was to provide a venue for the exchange of
  information about slide rules. The organization was named for
  William Oughtred, an English clergyman and mathematician who
  is generally credited with the invention of both the linear
  and the circular slide rules.

  Meet William Oughtred, inventor of the modern slide rule;
  learn about the history and background of the Oughtred
  Society and its principles; join or renew membership; browse
  tables of contents of The Journal of The Oughtred Society;
  view a listing of upcoming events such as shows and annual
  meetings; find data on American patents for slide rules.


    THE SLIDE RULE UNIVERSE - Sphere Research Corporation

  This site has additional slide rule information, lessons,
  archives, links and an on-line marketplace.


         NUMBER2.COM - Crespi, Loken, Millet, and Cushing


  Free online SAT, ACT, and GRE test preparation courses.
  Register for tutorials and practice sessions that dynamically
  adapt to performance, providing customized feedback for every
  response and monitoring overall student progress in the
  coaching system. also offers:
    - a vocabulary builder
    - question of the day
    - word of the day
    - links to financial aid
    - links to college applications
    - links to career planning resources


                 PUZZLE PLAYGROUND -

  The Puzzle Playground offers a collection of classic and
  modern hands-on puzzles that use coins or matches or other

  Categories of puzzles include:
    - Matches
    - Coins
    - Pencil 'N Paper
    - Chess 'N Checkers
    - Miscellany
    - Illusions
    - Tricks
    - Toys

  Other features include:
    Puzzle Up - links to the Web's best puzzling
    Puzzle Club
    Cool News


                  Crete, Greece, July 1-6, 2002


  The conference will address new ways of teaching
  undergraduate mathematics and provide a unique forum bringing
  together faculty from countries with varied educational
  systems. The deadline for submitting abstracts is November 25,


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