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Volume 6, Number 50

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10 December 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 50


               Fun and Sun Rent-A-Car - Lanius
  Mathematical Functions - Wolfram | The Grey Labyrinth - Lin

          FUN AND SUN RENT-A-CAR - Cynthia Lanius
  An investigation using tables, graphs, and linear functions
  to solve a real-world problem. The lesson is available in
  two versions:

    Print Version
    Java Version

  This activity was written to align with the Algebra Texas
  Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It also aligns with
  the End-of-Course Algebra Objectives and supports the
  guidelines in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  Principles and Standards.

  From Cynthia Lanius' math lessons, which feature subjects
  as diverse as infinite series, fractals, cartography,
  dueling pinwheels, a hot tub (interpreting graphs),
  and more:



        MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS - Wolfram Research, Inc.


  An encyclopedic collection of information about tens of
  thousands of mathematical functions. The site details the
  interrelationships between the special functions of
  mathematical physics and the elementary functions of
  mathematical analysis, as well as the interrelationships
  between the functions in each group.

  Function categories include:
     - Elementary Functions
     - Constants
     - Bessel, Airy, Struve Functions
     - Integer Functions
     - Polynomials
     - Gamma, Beta, Erf
     - Hypergeometric Functions
     - Elliptic Integrals
     - Elliptic Functions
     - Zeta Functions & Polylogarithms
     - Mathieu Functions
     - Complex Components
     - Number Theory Functions
     - Generalized Functions

  All of the formulas are available not only in Mathematica
  StandardForm but also in MathML and ASCII form. Search for
  functions and formulas by name.


               THE GREY LABYRINTH - Kevin Lin

  This site has a collection of mind-benders in math and logic.
  When Lin posts a new puzzle, he provides the solution to the
  previous puzzle. Links to other puzzle-related sites, a
  bibliography of works that inspired this site, and an archive
  of past puzzles are also available.


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