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Volume 6, Number 52

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24 December 2001                                  Vol. 6, No. 52


     MathsOnline | | Mathematically Sane

          MATHSONLINE - Ro Bairstow, King's College


  Hosted in Australia, this site covers the entire mathematics
  curriculum for secondary school students from Year 8 to
  Year 13. Each year level has been divided into 50 fully
  searchable topics, ranging from Decimals in Year 8 to
  De Moivre's Theorem in Year 13.

  The site contains
    - notes
    - examples
    - tests
    - exams
    - quizzes
    - investigations
    - problems of the week
    - book and software reviews
    - links
    - interactive Flash and Java Applets

  The individual cost is AU$99 per year or US$50 per year.
  School rates are available. Browse the demonstration area:


       GETSMARTER.ORG - the Council on Competitiveness


  This site, formerly known as the Internet Learning Network,
  offers self-assessment and career and education tools for
  elementary, middle school, and high school students.

  Features include:

    - The REAL Challenge
      Visitors receive their results after completing a test
      similar to that administered to students in over
      40 countries for the Third International Mathematics
      and Science Study (TIMSS). They find out their rating
      compared to students around the world instantly and

    - Educational Games
      Math Safari takes the elementary level user on a geometric
      adventure while the middle school Mastery Science Theater
      asks: what is the Wizard of Osmosis?

    - Math and Science Television (MSTV)
      A high school section that offers real world examples
      of math and science in action: sunburn, music, flotation,
      fizziness, perpetual motion, perspiration and
      evaporation, investment, the colors of flame, batteries,
      and coincidences.

    - Students' Page
      Links to many other grade appropriate, informative math
      and science Web sites are listed.


                      MATHEMATICALLY SANE


  A recently formed organization devoted to providing balanced
  discussion of issues related to mathematics education and to
  advocating for the rational reform of school mathematics.

  Information provided under these categories:
    - Analysis
    - Evidence
    - Resources
    - Links

  Mathematically Sane is looking for articles to include on 
  their site: discussions of important issues, success stories, 
  research reports, or other resources. Submissions are 
  accepted here:


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