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Volume 6, Number 7

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12 February 2001                                Vol. 6, No. 7

                 THE MATH FORUM INTERNET NEWS - D.K. Harris | Visual Fractions - R.E. Rand
               LOGO Foundation - Michael Tempel

               PLANETQHE.COM - David Kay Harris

David Kay Harris started the Planetqhe project in April
of 1999, when he was a graduate student at the University
of Bristol, England. The site focuses on using methods of
probability to solve counter-intuitive problems and deepen
students' understanding and competence in the domain. The
content of the site emphasizes the many situations where
human beings answer not only the fundamental questions of
"How many?" or "How much?" but also the question,
"How Likely?"

Sections include:

  - Why Planetqhe? Brief history and rationale of the site
  - Essential questions: The frame for the Planetqhe
      Curriculum and a call for papers
  - Teacher's notes: Please read these before use
  - Student support materials: Learn the basics needed
  - Communication Centre
  - Student projects
  - Recommended reading
  - The Activities: Probabilistic learning activities,
      applets, spreadsheets, and suggested Websites
  - Technical specifications


                VISUAL FRACTIONS - Richard E. Rand


Visual Fractions aims to reduce "fractionitis," or fraction
anxiety, by helping adults and children alike picture
fractions and the operations that can be performed on them.
There are instructions and problems to work through for the
operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
division, first using fractions and then working with mixed
numbers. Number lines are used to picture the addition and
subtraction problems, while an area grid model is used to
illustrate multiplication and division problems. Also included
are short games where the user guesses fractional parts of a
hedge while trying to find the location of Grampy's and then
Granny's various hiding places.

Separate activities include:

  - Identify fractions
  - Rename fractions
  - Compare fractions
  - Add fractions
  - Subtract fractions
  - Multiply fractions
  - Divide fractions

A Java plug-in is required. Each fraction application should
run on the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet
Explorer. Specific set-up instructions are included on the
information page:



               LOGO FOUNDATION - Michael Tempel

Information and resources for learning and teaching LOGO.
This programming environment has roots in constructivist
educational philosophy, and has been developed over the
past 28 years to support constructive learning.

Table of Contents includes:

  - What's New
  - Calendar of Events
  - About the Foundation
  - What is LOGO?
  - LOGO Foundation Services
  - On Line Publications
  - LOGO Resources
  - LOGO Products

One of the Web-based and public domain versions of LOGO can
be accessed here:


This site includes a tutorial consisting of eight sample
lessons, programmer's reference, source information, and a
set of downloadable Java runtime classes that incorporates
rLogo programs into your web pages.


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