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Volume 6, Number 9

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26 February 2001                                Vol. 6, No. 9


  Visible Structures in Number Theory - Borwein & Jörgenson
Teacher Time Saver - Gallagher | All the King's Digits - Trotter



Real irrational constants, such as pi, e, and log(2), are
composed of an unending string of digits in a specific
but seemingly random order. As statistical methods and
traditional analysis have revealed very little, it has been
proposed that the natural visual capacities of human
perception be employed to search for complex correlations
in the numerical distributions.

Topics include:

  - Introduction
  - In Pursuit of Patterns
  - In Support of Proof
  - The Structure of Numbers
      Binary Expansions
      Sequences of Polynomials
      Complex Zeros
  - Conclusion
  - References


              TEACHER TIME SAVER - G. Gallagher

Teacher Time Saver is a resource for elementary educators and
parents. Download shareware, freeware, clipart, and worksheets
to use with students.

Print out elementary level worksheets and coloring
activities on the following mathematical topics:

  - problem solving
  - division
  - geometry
  - multiplication
  - rounding
  - place value
  - fractions

Other pages that mathematics teachers might find useful
are the award pages, including a variety of themes on
citizenship, hard work, kindness, attendance, behavior,
and homework, as well as a blank award.

The Activity Card Archive includes a set of cards with
language arts, social studies and mathematics questions
that could be used at the elementary level. The mathematics
topics rotate each day of the week:

  Monday -  Number Study
  Tuesday - Measurement
  Wednesday - Geometry
  Thursday - Patterns and Algebra
  Friday - Probability and Graphing

The Shareware and Freeware page offers HyperCard teacher
utility programs and student activities for Macintosh users:


           ALL THE KING'S DIGITS - Terry Trotter
Challenge: Using each of the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
and 9 once and only once, and the operations of +, -, x, ,
sqrt (square root), cbrt (cube root), ^ (raise to a power),
and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, write
expressions for the counting number 100.

This is a new addition to the K-12 Math Puzzles site, which
also links to calculation tips, math problem sets, and math
number and line puzzles.


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