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Volume 7, Number 11

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18 March 2002                                   Vol. 7, No. 11


 Slates, Slide Rules, and Software: Teaching Math in America
     The Secret Lives of Numbers | MathHelp - G. McRae

        Smithsonian: National Museum of American History

  The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History has
  opened a small exhibit on mathematics teaching devices. It
  focuses on innovations in mathematics teaching, from the
  blackboard to graphing calculators.

  The exhibit will be on view at the Washington, D.C., museum 
  until at least mid-August, 2002. For general museum information, 
  please visit



        THE SECRET LIVES OF NUMBERS - Golan Levin, et al.


  The authors wrote some custom software, ran a lot of searches
  through public search engines, and applied a heavy dose of
  statistics to the results to come up with an interactive
  exploration of numeric associations. What's a numeric
  association? The number 17, for instance, is associated with
  the 17-inch computer monitor, the B-17 Flying Fortress, and
  the Glock 17.

  This site has a Java applet histogram exploring the relative
  popularity and cultural associations of every integer between
  0 and one million.

  The Secret Lives of Numbers is a commission of New Radio and
  Performing Arts, Inc., for its web site,
  developed with support from The Greenwall Foundation, and
  conceived by Golan Levin at Interval Research Corporation.


                    MATH HELP - Graeme McRae


  Math Help provides tips and techniques for sixth grade math
  through high school, and offers one-on-one help for math

    - Math Tutoring
    - Basic Principles
    - Calculus
    - Physics
    - Counting
    - Factoring
    - Matrix Math
    - Geometry and Trig
    - Expansions
    - Math Jokes
    - Math Puzzles

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