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Volume 7, Number 14

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8 April 2002                                     Vol. 7, No. 14


            Web Feats II | Proof - Prueba - Preuve
      Mathematical Presentations and Articles - Taylor

                          WEB FEATS II
                    A Workshop on Design of
            Classroom Lessons in Mathematics from
                     Web-based Materials

  The Post CALC Project at Duke University and the United States
  Military Academy are jointly sponsoring a workshop for high
  school mathematics teachers interested in creating classroom
  materials from existing and new web-based components. The
  workshop will be held at the United States Military Academy
  in West Point, NY, during the week of July 22-26, 2002.

  It will feature a survey of useful sites, an examination of
  what makes an effective online lesson, and an opportunity to
  work in a small group to create sample materials. A
  discussion site will allow participants to continue
  developing the contacts made at the workshop. The first Web
  Feats workshop, also conducted by Duke University, took place
  last summer at The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse in
  Columbus, OH.


                   PROOF - PRUEBA - PREUVE
                 International Newsletter on
       The Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Proof

  The monthly "Newsletter on Proof" is dedicated to the teaching
  and learning of proof in mathematics. At the time of each
  issue a text in three languages (French, English and Castilian)
  presents a position, a summary or a result on some aspect of
  the teaching or the learning of proof. Readers are invited to
  respond with their reactions or commentaries, which will then
  be published in subsequent newsletters.

  Also available at this site is a database on research
  publications, with downloadable articles and author contacts,
  on the learning and teaching of mathematical proof.




  A growing collection of PowerPoint presentations and articles
  written by James Taylor, of Moriah College in Australia. You
  can view the three presentations and also download a trial

    - Conics
    - Polyhedra
    - Volume

    - Cantor Triangles
    - The Clepsydra
    - Cycloids
    - Dandelin Spheres
    - Dudeney
    - Einstein
    - Fermat
    - The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
    - Heron's Formula
    - Huygen's Circles
    - Inequalities
    - Means
    - The Nine Point Circle
    - The Plimpton Tablet and Pythagorean Triples
    - Polygons
    - Silver Polygons
    - Wallis




  Try writing your own PowerPoint presentations using this
  tutorial. Consider submitting your finished presentations to
  the Math Froum @ Drexel's Teacher Exchange:


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