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Volume 7, Number 16

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22 April 2002                                     Vol. 7, No. 16


      Project Welcome - MAA | Interactive Number Sequences
                Animated Magic Squares - Grunwald

                     PROJECT WELCOME - MAA


  Project WELCOME is a collection of interactive
  mathematical explorations to support a suite of
  undergraduate courses in mathematics. Each exploration
  consists of organized sequences of simulations,
  "quantitative/qualitative laboratory" experiments, lessons,
  and/or open-ended exercises tied to the conceptual themes
  of the targeted course.

  These explorations are created in MathwrightWeb Author and
  read either online within the browser (applet mode) using
  MathwrightWeb Activex Control or offline using Mathwright32
  Player. Viewing the interactive explorations requires
  running Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP and using
  Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.

  The collection includes:

    - Best Linear Fit
    - Congruences
    - Evolutes
    - Limits of Functions
    - Optimize: the classic box problem
    - Piecewise Functions
    - Symmetry
    - Progeny: the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio
    - Nonlinear Equations
    - Inclined Planes
    - Lakes: an environmental application of operations research
    - Cycloids
    - Applications of the Derivative
    - Graphs and Their Functions
    - Trigonometric Functions
    - Triangle Optimization
    - Graphs of Functions and Symmetry
    - Playing with Points: the coordinate plane
    - Shortest Paths
    - Demoivre's Theorem

  Read descriptions of each workbook:




  An interactive site for middle school students who want to
  learn about number sequences. Fill in a sequence's missing
  number, then click "send" to see if it completed the sequence
  correctly. In either case, an "explain" button provides more
  information about the sequence, including:

     - descriptive name
     - graphic explanation
     - text explanation
     - algebraic rule

  and opportunities to learn more.

  The FAQ provides answers to questions about sequences and


           ANIMATED MAGIC SQUARES - Lee-Anne Grunwald

  After viewing the construction of a 3 by 3 magic square,
  pass the mouse over each of the "view rule" texts to build
  your own magic square.

  The patterns found in the 8 by 8 Benjamin Franklin Magic
  Square are illustrated in this animation.


               MAGIC SQUARES - Suzanne Alejandre

  This Math Forum Web unit includes classroom activities for
  four different squares: Lo Shu, Sator, Dčrer, and Franklin.
  Three of them demonstrate increasing complexity using
  numbers; one is made up of letters. Each provides links,
  and questions about number and symmetry. For
  interdisciplinary work, see the suggestions for history,
  geography, and writing activities.

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