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Volume 7, Number 17

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29 April 2002                                     Vol. 7, No. 17


         Exploring Geometric Solids and Their Properties
   The Math Page - Spector | Determination of Pi - Bogomolny

              Grades 3-5 i-Math Investigations - NCTM

   In this interactive geometry investigation, students will
   explore geometric solids and their properties. There are five
   parts to this i-Math Investigation:

     - Getting to Know the Shapes
     - Study the Shapes
     - Look for Patterns
     - Construct a Solid
     - Make a Jacket

   The other investigations for Grades 3-5 include:

   Multi-Day i-Math Investigations
     Exploring Geometric Solids and Their Properties
     Communicating about Mathematics Using Games
     Collecting, Representing, and Interpreting Data Using
       Spreadsheets and Graphing Software

   Single-Day i-Math Activities
     Understanding Distance, Speed, and Time Relationships Using
       Simulation Software
     Exploring Properties of Rectangles and Parallelograms Using
       Dynamic Software

   Each of these activities has a student version that can also
   be downloaded to use offline.


                 THE MATH PAGE - Lawrence Spector


   Lawrence Spector from Borough of Manhattan Community College,
   The City University of New York, currently offers the two
   topics of arithmetic and trigonometry on his pages of

   Skill in Arithmetic

   Spector presents his complete course in arithmetic using the
   usual written methods to show that arithmetic is something we
   do naturally in our heads. Topics covered include: reading
   and writing whole numbers and decimals; addition, subtraction,
   multiplication, and division. Features the verbal,
   non-algebraic theory of ratio and proportion, leading to
   fractions and percent; with addition and multiplication
   tables, powers of 10, and more.

   Topics in Trigonometry

   Trigonometry from the very beginning, for anyone who needs
   help or a review of trigonometry. Topics include:

     - Ratio and Proportion
     - Radicals: Rational and Irrational Numbers
     - The Pythagorean Theorem
     - The Definitions of the Trigonometric Functions (Ratios)
     - Trigonometry of Right Triangles
     - The Isosceles Right Triangle
     - The 30-60-90-degree Triangle
     - Solving Right Triangles
     - The Law of Sines
     - The Law of Cosines
     - The Circle
     - Evaluating Pi
     - Measurement of Angles
     - Radian Measure
     - Arclength
     - Analytic Trigonometry
     - The Unit Circle
     - Functions of a General Angle
     - Line Values


             DETERMINATION OF PI - Alexander Bogomolny

   Alexander Bogomolny has contributed a middle school lesson
   to the Teacher Exchange which presents an interesting
   alternative to the customary game plan for the determination
   of pi. Bogomolny's lesson presents pi in the framework of
   similarity, which makes the existence of pi self-evident.
   Approximation of pi does not require several objects. Pi can
   be approximated by taking measurements of a single circular
   object with different tools and different techniques.




   Bogomolny's MAA Online interactive monthly column uses Java
   applets to simulate or illustrate puzzles and problems.


                       TEACHER EXCHANGE


   If you have a lesson idea that you would like to contribute
   to the Math Forum @ Drexel site, please visit the Teacher
   Exchange area of our site.

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