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Volume 7, Number 21

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27 May 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 21


         Cybersurfari || Improved Ask Dr. Math Archives



  The Math Forum @ Drexel is participating in CyberSurfari's
  May/June, 2002, Internet Treasure Hunt. The object of the
  CyberSurfari contest is to find, read, and solve puzzles
  peppered throughout the Math Forum @ Drexel and other
  education sites.

  Sign up as an individual, family team, or school team:

  The contest starts May 24, 2002 and will run through
  July 5, 2002.



  The Math Forum has reorganized over 7800 Ask Dr. Math
  questions and answers to make them easier to browse and
  search. We continue to categorize items in the archive by
  level and mathematics topic.

  The new pages for browsing by level are:

    - Elementary Level

    - Middle School Level
    - High School Level

    - College Level

  The hierarchy of topics is more finely divided. Additionally,

    - Whether browsing a category or reading an individual
      question and answer, you now have the option of
      searching within a particular category, or across the
      entire archive.

    - When you browse a topic, the list of answers under that
      topic will be returned as a series of shorter pages,
      rather than as one long page.

    - Each browsing page has a left-hand margin with contextual
      links to related archive categories, shortcuts,
      Frequently Asked Questions, and math topics from the
      Internet Mathematics Library.

    - Each question and answer page now links across to
      "Associated Topics": if an answer is categorized in more
      than one way, you can get to any of those categories by
      following a link at the bottom of the page.

  Bookmark links to our previous format will redirect
  automatically to the new pages.

  Read more about finding answers in the Dr. Math Archive:

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