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Volume 7, Number 24

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17 June 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 24

                        The Math Forum
                 15 June, 1992 - 15 June, 2002
  Celebrating ten years of service to the math education community


       The Princeton Mathematics Community in the 1930s
     CoolMath Algebra | MathWorld Interactive - Mortensen

                    An Oral History Project

  Transcripts, with abstracts, of interviews with mathematics
  faculty and students at Princeton University during the
  1930s, recounting that decade when Kurt Gdel studied
  spatially homogeneous cosmological models; Albert Einstein
  worked on a unified field theory; John von Neumann accepted
  his one and only doctoral student; Richard Feynman, Arthur
  Stone, Bryant Tuckerman, and John Tukey created flexagons
  together -- all in the University's recently constructed
  Fine Hall.

  Pick a mathematician from the incredible list of those cited
  and enjoy.


                 COOLMATH ALGEBRA by Karen


  Karen has added CoolMath Algebra to her "amusement park of
  mathematics" site. Preview some of the algebra lessons,
     Lines: Graphing Lines Using Intercepts
     Functions: What's a Function?
     Exponentials and Logarithms: The Exponential Monster

  Table of Contents

  Subscriptions cost $19.95 a month for individual users.
  Discount packages for larger groups are available.

  Publicly accessible areas of the CoolMath site include:

    Little Links (for ages 3-5)




          MATHWORLD INTERACTIVE - Carolynn S. Mortensen


  Middle school students are invited to visit the recently
  re-launched MathWorld Interactive site and solve its
  open-ended word problems.

  Challenges for students in grades 6-8 will be issued every
  nine weeks. Students are asked to follow a specific format:

    - write what you know about the problem (the facts)
    - write what you are looking for (the questions)
    - write all your problem-solving strategies
    - write your solutions (the answers)
    - explain how you checked your work
    - extend the problem by writing a new problem based on
        the original

  Participants use an on-line form or use the MathWorld
  Interactive email address to submit their solutions.
  Sweepstakes winners receive email award certificates. All
  students receive awards highlighting their strengths and
  achievements posted online in the MathWorld Interactive Hall
  of Fame.


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