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Volume 7, Number 25

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24 June 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 25


               MathML Conference 2002 | Plane Math
          The Probability/Statistics Object Library

                     MATHML CONFERENCE 2002
                        Chicago, Illinois
                          June 28-30


  The aim of this conference is to bring together those people
  involved in defining the future of math on the Web.
  Presentations and discussions of current research and
  applications will emphasize MathML and technologies for
  mathematical and scientific content on the Web.

  It is sponsored by Wolfram Research, Waterloo Maple, Design
  Science, AMS, HP, IBM, ORCCA and W3C. There are introductory
  and advanced tutorials on the Friday preceding a full weekend
  program. Detailed information can be found at the
  conference's Web site.


                           PLANE MATH


  Math and aeronautics materials to encourage elementary school
  students with physical disabilities to pursue
  aeronautics-related careers.

  PlaneMath teaches concepts without relying on the
  manipulation of tools, such as pencils, compasses, and rulers,
  which characterizes most math curricula.

  Activities involve finding the shortest path between two
  cities or how many people can board your plane, flying a herd
  of buffalo to the prairies, learning to fly a rescue helicopter
  and how planes lift, knowing when an overcast sky is really
  overcast, flying a kite, and planning a flight around the
  country. Teachers are invited to register their classes.




  The Probability/Statistics Object Library is a resource for
  teachers and students of probability and statistics. The
  library contains objects of two basic types: applets, and

  The applets in the library contain essentially no
  mathematical theory and thus can be used by students at
  various levels. The applets are intended to be small
  "micro worlds" where students can run virtual versions of
  random experiments and play virtual versions of statistical

  Components are the building blocks of applets. Teachers and
  students with some programming experience can use them to
  create their own custom applets.

  A companion project is the Virtual Laboratories in
  Probability and Statistics.



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