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Volume 7, Number 29

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22 July 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 29


       Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics      
   Multiplication Table Applet - Room 108 Math | PCMI @ MathForum



   The MAA was awarded a grant at the end of 2001 by the
   National Science Foundation (NSF) for a three-year project,
   Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics (SAUM).
   The project's products include:

     - Workshop Series
     - Volume of Case Studies
     - Bibliography on Assessment
     - CUPM Guidelines for Assessment

   SAUM invites you to submit, for publication, case studies
   of assessment of student learning:



   Use this applet to visualize the structure of multiplication
   and its relation to the operation of addition.


                       ROOM 108 MATH

   - Learn to Tell Time
   - Learn to Add Large Numbers and Carry
   - Practice Counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10's
   - Math Test
   - Minute Math
   - Money Game
   - Money Desk
   - Weather Machine
   - Number Order
   - Arithmetic Cards
   - Number Sliders
   - Lemonade Stand
   - Math Hangman
   - Addition Table Applet
   - Real Calculator
   - Real Scientific Calculator
   - Addition Drill
   - Count the Cookies
   - Math Blaster
   - Learn to Spell the Number Word
   - Tell the Time


                        PCMI @ MATHFORUM


   The Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) is a program of
   the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ. PCMI offers
   comprehensive professional development for mathematicians and
   teachers of mathematics, as well as programs for students
   aspiring to a career in mathematics. This year's summer
   session was held in Park City, Utah, June 30 through July 20.

   The PCMI @ MathForum pages provide an overview and, in some
   cases, details of the working groups, schedules, and projects
   from the 2001 and 2002 summer sessions.

     - Research Program
     - Graduate Summer School
     - Undergraduate Program
     - Mathematics Education Research Program
     - Undergraduate Faculty Program
     - High School Teacher Program
     - International Seminar

   View additional information on the programs at the Institute
   of Advanced Study site:





   The high school teacher program includes the following
   three components:

      1. continued rigorous mathematical learning
      2. reflection on (analysis of) classroom practice
      3. becoming a resource to colleagues and the profession

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