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Volume 7, Number 30

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29 July 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 30


        CBMS 2000 Report - AMS | Who's Counting - Paulos
                   Job Interview - T2T FAQ

                        CBMS 2000 REPORT


  A comprehensive survey of undergraduate mathematics and
  statistics programs, Statistical Abstract of Undergraduate
  Programs in the Mathematical Sciences in the United States,
  has just been released.

  The report presents longitudinal data on mathematical
  sciences enrollments, majors, curricula, and faculties. In
  addition, the CBMS 2000 report studies the spread of calculus
  reform, distance learning, dual enrollments, the mathematical
  education of pre-service K-8 teachers, and the educational
  background of faculty teaching undergraduate statistics.

  Mathematics departments in two- and four-year colleges and
  universities will receive copies of the report, and
  individuals may purchase hard copies from the American
  Mathematical Society, or may download the report from the
  web site.


              WHO'S COUNTING - John Allen Paulos

  Archives of a monthly column, and occasional chats, profiles,
  and puzzles by John Paulos from Temple University. Paulos is
  the author of "Innumeracy," "Once Upon a Number," 
  "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper," and several other 
  popular books.





                         JOB INTERVIEW
                     New from the T2T FAQ
              Math Forum, Teacher2Teacher Service

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to
  a frequently asked question: What issues should a teacher
  think about before a job interview?

  Included are ideas and resources to use to prepare for a
  mathematics job interview.

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