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Volume 7, Number 34

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26 August 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 34

                    THE MATH FORUM INTERNET NEWS

          Britton's New On-line Recreational Mathematics
              Spidron System - Erdely | Planet Math

           LINE DESIGNS FOR THE COMPUTER - Jill Britton

   In the first edition (1989) of his popular book "Curve
   Stitching," John Millington included programs for the
   classic Spectrum computer that created line designs similar
   to the curve stitching designs in the book. Britton's web
   page "Line Designs for the Computer" includes a JAVA
   emulator that runs all 33 of the Spectrum programs on-line.


                      INVESTIGATING PATTERNS
          R-U-B-B-E-R GEOMETRY (TOPOLOGY) - Jill Britton

   Selected web pages for educators, each leading to
   recreational learning experiences for middle school students.

   Topics include:
     - Topology / Anamorphic Art
     - Jordan Curves / Mazes / Networks / Map Coloring
     - Math-e-Magic / Mobius Strip
     - Flexagons


              USA MAP JIGSAW PUZZLE - Jill Britton

   Students are challenged to move each of the 48 states into
   the correct position on the map.


                  SPIDRON SYSTEM - Daniel Erdely


   Daniel Erdely's spidrons are planar, plane-filling objects.
   After three-dimensional deformation, the planar system
   generates a regular, dynamic, geometrical construction.


                         PLANET MATH


   This site is designed to be a central repository for
   mathematical knowledge on the web, with a pedagogical slant.
   All content is publicly contributed, either to the PlanetMath
   Encyclopedia or to the reviewed listings of papers, books,
   and lecture notes. Polls, discussions, and feedback links
   provide a forum for community.


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