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Volume 7, Number 36

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9 September 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 36


    High School Operations Research | SACNAS Biography Project
          Problem of the Week Discussions (pow-teach)



  Since its beginning in World War II's Battle of Britain,
  a wide array of industries has benefited from the field
  of operations research. The High School Operations Research
  site explains some of the history of operations research, 
  linear programming, queuing theory, and network routing.

  HSOR modules develop secondary mathematics concepts in
  real-world contexts drawn from operations research. The
  modules are aligned with NCTM's Principles and Standards,
  and each consists of one or two activity worksheets
  (4-6 pages) in which students discover mathematical concepts
  while solving a scaled down problem set in a context they
  can relate to. In addition, each module contains twenty to
  thirty pages of teacher resource material:


    - Arm-and-a-Leg
    - Torn Shirts Inc.
    - Miguel Chooses a College
    - Frankfurter High
    - Speedy Delivery
    - Outel Semiconductor
    - Jurassic Oil
    - Cutting Times
    - High Step Shoes
    - Pizza Pi

  Case Studies:

  Read about topics ranging from "Improving Red Cross Blood
  Drives Through Simulation" to "Decision Making in World Cup



  The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native
  Americans in Science (SACNAS) Biography Project provides
  highlights of the life stories and professional contributions
  of Native American, Chicano and Latino scientists,
  mathematicians and engineers. The Project was created so that
  K-12 students could see themselves reflected in the stories
  of the lives that are presented.

  Biographies are indexed by:
    - Scientist
    - Subject
    - Ethnicity
    - Women

  Resources include:
    - Related projects with links to sites highlighting the
      life stories of women and minority scientists
    - Web links for K-12 educators
    - Glossary with information about scientific terms utilized
      throughout the biographies.




  This list was established to facilitate conversation around
  the Math Forum's Problems of the Week. We invite input from
  teachers who have used these problems in their classrooms,
  and from teachers who have questions concerning how they can
  implement the problems in their curricula.

  Participate by
    - reading what others have to say
    - asking questions
    - reading updates about individual problems and the
      general services written by Math Forum staff
    - sharing your thoughts and experiences

  The pow-teach list is open to subscription and moderated.

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