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Volume 7, Number 37

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16 September 2002                                       Vol. 7, No. 37


                      Numberland - Count On
         JOMA Lite Applet Collection | ON-Math - NCTM



  Click a number from 1 to 100 in the Numberland magic square
  for poems, trivia, and a gallery of children's art based on
  that number. Numberland is just one section of Count On,
  which also provides:

    - Games
    - Resources
    - News
    - Links
    - Maths and Technology Revealed in Exhibition (Matrix)
    - Cards Online
    - Explorer
    - Maths MagNet



              LITE APPLETS - August 2002 JOMA Article
        Frank Wattenberg, Bart Stewart, Suzanne Alejandre

  Lite applets produce output that is easily cut-and-pasted
  into a spreadsheet or a computer algebra system.

  A student can then use the spreadsheet or computer algebra
  system to analyze this output. This provides students with
  more power and creative control, and it helps them build
  general purpose skills.

  Through the Javascript and HTML forms interface, curriculum
  developers need no formal knowledge of Java to create their
  own interactive materials.

  The Lite Applet Collection is open source. All the files used
  in this article, including the Java source code files, are
  freely available.

  Submit your own lite applets and modules for consideration
  in this collection.

        LESSONS USING LITE APPLETS - Suzanne Alejandre


  The lessons in this collection were written for a middle
  school or developmental mathematics level audience. If you
  use any of these lessons with students, Suzanne is interested
  in receiving feedback. Please use the form at the bottom of
  the given page or e-mail your comments to her.


                        ON-MATH - NCTM
             Online Journal of School Mathematics


  ON-Math, a peer-reviewed journal from NCTM launched on
  September 1, 2002, highlighted these articles:

    - Promoting Discourse about Rational Number Relationships
    - Developing Algebraic Thinking
    - Maximizing Triangle Area: An Interactive Inspired Proof
    - Interactive String Parabolas

  ON-Math will present a broad range of ideas for teaching and
  learning mathematics at any level, from early childhood to
  young adult. The journal will capitalize on the unique
  opportunities afforded by electronic media.

  Become involved with ON-Math:


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