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Volume 7, Number 4

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28 January 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 4


         Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoW) Update
       Erich's Puzzle Palace | UK Virtual Teacher Centre



  Starting with the January 21 problems, all six of our
  Problems of the Week are open to the public for submissions.

  New Elementary, Discrete, and Trig/Calc Problems will be
  posted every other week, and a growing team of mentors will
  reply to as many students as possible.

  The Math Forum and Drexel University were recently awarded
  an NSF grant for the purpose of teaching undergraduate and
  graduate students how to do online mentoring for the
  Problems of the Week. This project will work primarily within
  the Elementary and Middle School PoWs.

  The Geometry, Algebra, and Middle School Problems now benefit
  from a new, self-directed format. Students no longer have to
  wait to hear back from a mentor; instead, they can -- at
  their own pace -- request hints, consult error-checking
  strategies, and see solutions after submitting their answers.

  This new format also encourages interested students to reflect
  on how their solutions compare to those of other students. 
  Mentors will reply to as many students as possible, but students 
  can use these new additions to the problem solving process to 
  learn on their own.

  Status of the Problems of the Week

  Problems of the Week Book, Volume 1

  Problems Library


              ERICH'S PUZZLE PALACE - Erich Friedman

  A site devoted to mathematical puzzles and their solutions,
  written by Erich Friedman, an Associate Professor of
  Mathematics and Chair of Math and Computer Science at
  Stetson University, DeLand, Florida.

  Categories include:

    - Mirror Puzzles
    - Number Puzzles
    - Hex Loop Puzzles
    - Path Puzzles
    - Battleship Puzzles
    - Triangulation Puzzles
    - Grid Puzzles
    - Criss-Cross Puzzles
    - Chess-Num Puzzles
    - Weight Puzzles
    - Logic Puzzles
    - Equation Puzzles
    - Rolling Block Mazes
    - Square Puzzles
    - Numerical Jigsaw Puzzles
    - Distance Puzzles
    - Rectangle Puzzles
    - Puzzles
    - Number Link Puzzles
    - Pentomino Puzzles
    - My World Championship Puzzles


                   UK VIRTUAL TEACHER CENTRE

  The United Kingdom Virtual Teacher Centre focuses on the
  enhancement of teaching and learning across the curriculum
  through the use of Information and Communications
  Technology (ICT). Sections under mathematics include
  ICT and Mathematics, ICT materials, ICT in Practice,
  Managing ICT, and Internet resources.

  The following two areas have a variety of PDF files to
  download and view:

  The Role of Calculators in Primary Mathematics

  Using On-line, Downloadable and Adaptable Resources to
  Support the Teaching of Primary Mathematics


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