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Volume 7, Number 41

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14 October 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 41


        Teacher Support - Math Forum Problems of the Week
 Magic Squares - M. Suzuki | Common Errors in Undergraduate Math

                     TEACHER SUPPORT PAGES
                Math Forum Problems of the Week


  This year, a Teacher Support page accompanies each problem
  posted in these Problem of the Week services:

    - Math Fundamentals
    - Pre-Algebra
    - Algebra
    - Geometry

  Teacher support information includes: alignment to NCTM
  Standards and links to resources from Ask Dr. Math,
  Teacher2Teacher, and the Teacher Exchange.

  If you would like to share how you use a Teacher Support
  link, suggestions for the pages, something different you
  tried, or a new idea, we would love to hear from you. Use
  the email link provided on the page or post to pow-teach, a
  discussion list for teachers using the Problems of the Week.



                MAGIC SQUARES - Mutsumi Suzuki

  These magic squares pages were originally written by Mutsumi
  Suzuki, and were available through his site in Japan until
  his retirement in 2001. It is the Math Forum's pleasure to
  host these pages so that the mathematical community can
  continue to enjoy all of the information presented by
  Mr. Suzuki on the topic of magic squares.

  His pages are organized under the following categories:
    - Data base
    - Algorithms
    - Mathematical Background of Magic Squares
    - Story and/or History of Magic Squares
    - Home Page Links to all over the World
    - Miscellaneous: Related Topics
    - Photographs of Magic Squares
    - Mails Come from All over the World
    - Literatures on Magic Squares

                      Eric Schechter

  Eric Schechter, an Associate Professor of Mathematics at
  Vanderbilt University, provides this information for his

    - Errors in Communication
    - Algebra Errors
    - Confusion about Notation
    - Errors in Reasoning
    - Unwarranted Generalizations
    - Other Common Calculus Errors

  Other pages by Eric include:

    Why Study Calculus?

    Gauge Integrals

    What Are "Real Numbers," Really?

    This Week in Math

    Constructivism is Difficult

    The Axiom of Choice


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