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Volume 7, Number 42

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21 October 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 42


                   Mu Alpha Theta |
       Dr. Math FAQ: A Crash Course in Symbolic Logic

                         MU ALPHA THETA


  Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathematics honor society, 
  encompasses more than 55,000 students in over 1,300 high
  schools and community colleges. They are "dedicated to
  engendering keener interest in mathematics, the development
  of sound scholarship in the subject, and promoting the
  enjoyment of mathematics among high school and junior
  college students."

  This site includes:
    - How to Join
    - Calendar
    - Pythagorean Pages
    - Chapter Resources
    - National Convention
    - Vector Scholarships
    - Outreach
    - Awards
    - Art of Problem Solving
    - Problem Corner
    - How to Help
    - Websites & Books


                  formerly "Dave's Math Tables"

  David Manura's collection of useful searchable math reference
  tables, formatted especially for the Web. You can download
  the site and view it offline, or view a version in French and
  Spanish, including an English-Spanish Math Dictionary.

  Math Message Board
    A web-based discussion board for math talk and
    posting/answering math questions.

  Math White Board
    A real-time chat box with shared drawing white board. Use
    for teaching and tutoring math over the Internet.

  Math Reference Tables
    - General
    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Trig
    - Discrete/Linear
    - Other
    - Stat
    - Calc
    - Advanced

                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ
                       by D.J. Brasier

  A student asked our math doctors: Is symbolic logic so hard
  that some people will just never be able to get it? In a
  gentle introduction to the notation and rules of derivation
  used by symbolic logic, Dr. Achilles shows why the answer to
  that question is "No."


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