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Volume 7, Number 47

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25 November 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 47


The Mathematical Atlas - Rusin | All-USA Academic and Teacher Teams
         CDE: Literature for Science and Mathematics

               THE MATHEMATICAL ATLAS - Dave Rusin


  This is a collection of short articles introducing the
  subject areas of modern mathematics, describing a few of
  the milestone results and topics, and giving pointers to
  further information.

  The material is arranged in a hierarchy of disciplines;
  take a tour (good for newcomers), click on a territory in
  the MathMap or in an annotated version; choose from a list
  of subject headings; or search for a topic by keywords.

  General headings are:

    - Foundations
    - Combinatorics
    - Number Theory
    - Abstract Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Topology
    - Functional Analysis
    - Real Analysis
    - Complex Analysis
    - Numerical Analysis
    - Differential Equations
    - Physics and Other Sciences and Engineering
    - Computers, Information
    - Probability
    - Statistics
    - History

  See also the Layman's Guide to the Math Subject Areas:



  Four times a year, USA TODAY honors outstanding students and
  educators with the All-USA Academic and Teacher Teams. The
  twenty students and educators selected for the All-USA First
  Teams are featured in a national newspaper. The students
  each receive $2,500 cash awards. Starting in 2003, each
  All-USA Teacher First Team member will receive $500, with
  the balance of the $2,500 award going to the school.

  The All-USA Teacher Team is open to active, full-time,
  certified teachers and instructional teams teaching
  kindergarten to 12th grade at a public or private school in
  the United States or its territories, or Department of
  Defense schools overseas. Teachers must be nominated by
  someone willing to put in writing why the nominee is
  outstanding. Nomination forms for the 2003 All-USA Teacher
  Team will be available in January 2003.


           California Department of Education

  This site catalogs a collection of over 1,400 science- and
  mathematics-related picture books, easy readers, classics,
  and other works of literature for children and adolescents.
  The recommended titles reflect the quality and the complexity
  of the types of materials students could be reading at school
  and outside of class.

  Site features include:

    - Search List
    - Search Categories
    - Literary Genres
    - Classifications
    - Awards
    - Connection to California Mathematics Standards
    - Acknowledgments
    - Frequently Asked Questions


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