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Volume 7, Number 48

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2 December 2002                                 Vol. 7, No. 48


      Learning Math: Geometry | Graph It! - P. Lundin
                Games for Math and Social Skills 

                   LEARNING MATH: GEOMETRY
                  The Annenberg/CPB Channel
                   Starts January 28, 2003

  Available in 2003, Learning Math: Geometry, is a video- and
  Web-based course for elementary and middle school teachers.
  Geometric reasoning is introduced as a method for problem
  solving. Some important geometric ideas, such as symmetry,
  similarity, and trigonometry, will also be examined. The
  course material progresses from more visual, intuitive ways
  of solving problems to more formal explorations of geometric
  ideas, properties, and proofs.

  Registration is recommended at least three weeks in advance
  of the start of a workshop or course to ensure that support
  materials reach you in time. Register at no cost by calling
  1-800-LEARNER or signing up at:

                   GRAPH IT! - Patrik Lundin

  Graph It! provides a functional online graphing calculator.
  The Java applet has all the common operators and functions as
  expected from any scientific calculator, combined with
  function graphing capabilities. The calculator has the ability
  to graph the hyperbolic functions and symbolically
  differentiate functions in one variable, making it a tool for
  higher-level algebra and calculus students. Instructions are
  listed below the calculator.



  The Math Forum has started a collection of links to games for
  building math and social skills. If you have a suggestion of
  a game that you have used with students, please let us know
  about it by using the form at the bottom of the page.


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