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Volume 7, Number 49

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9 December 2002                                 Vol. 7, No. 49


       Virtual Math Lab | Aeronautics Resources - NASA
                    The 12 Days of Christmas

                       VIRTUAL MATH LAB
                   West Texas A&M University

  Kim Peppard, with the assistance of Jennifer Puckett, has
  written online tutorials covering

    - College Algebra
    - Intermediate Algebra
    - Beginning Algebra
    - Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) Test Preparation

  The tutorials were created as a service to anyone who needs
  help in these areas of mathematics. First time users are
  encouraged to review the Guides for each tutorial to learn
  how they are set up.

  Each tutorial includes

    - definitions
    - formulas
    - illustrations
    - step-by-step examples
    - an introduction with a link to a relevant comic strip
    - practice problems and tests with answer keys
    - resource guides
    - a section called "Need Extra Help on These Topics?"



  This section of the Learning Technologies Project at the
  Glenn Research Center includes guides on various aeronautic
  principles, fun activities to teach students by example, and
  web-based simulations with pre- and post-simulation exercises.

  Topics include:

    - Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
    - Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
    - Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
    - Beginner's Guide to Kites
    - Activities
    - Foil Sim
    - Engine Sim
    - Rocket Modeler
    - Kite Modeler
    - Curve Ball Sim
    - Range Game
    - Atmosphere Sim


            THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Judy Ann Brown

  A math warmup activity for the 12 days preceding Christmas.
  This lesson gives the cost of:

    - a partridge in a pear tree
    - a pair of turtle doves
    - one French hen
    - one calling bird
    - a simple gold ring
    - one goose a-laying
    - one swimming swan
    - a milkmaid hired for 1 hour
    - one Lady dancing
    - one Lord a-leapin'
    - one Piper piping
    - one Drummer drumming
  and students are asked to calculate the total cost of the
  items in the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

  Student Worksheet

  Price Data: Judy wrote this activity originally in 1996 and
  every year she updates the prices provided by PNC Bank.


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